My Story

My Scentsy journey technically started when a friend of mine invited me to her Scentsy Party in 2009.  I knew nothing about Scentsy and I went to the party prepared to make the most minimum of purchases to help her reach her hostess rewards. I left with a huge order and plans of more orders to come in my head.  To say the least, I fell in love with Scentsy that day.                  I continued to enjoy Scentsy as a customer for the next year.  I joined this AMAZING team on September 22nd 2010. I had never really considered any sort of Direct Selling venture before and was afraid I didn’t have the time or knowledge to devote to it.  After much consideration I finally realized that Scentsy truly sells itself and I had the potential to contribute to our family income while still being there for everyone. I accidentally hit Shooting Star and that is when I had my “ah ha moment”.  I was immediately inspired by all of the great things that Scentsy stands for and with wonderful encouragement and inspiration I took off running. I got my first recruit shortly after my first month and things just got better from there. I made Director a fast and fun six months later. Just after my 3 year “Scentsiversary” I achieved another amazing goal! I am now a Star Director! Next stop, Super Star Direcor!!  I have been loving every minute of my Scentsy journey since the very beginning.  I now have 2 1st generation Directors and my group is growing strong.  I love each and every one of them! We are such a support system for each other and I would be nothing without them!  And I know this is just the beginning… Being a part of this company allows me to be at home for my 3 beautiful children. I never have to miss any of there special events and it makes it possible for them to try all sorts of new things and activities!  I couldnt ask for a better "job"!! So tell me, what are YOU waiting for!  Join my team and start your journey TODAY!!<!--endbody-->